Trust & Safety

Protect users,
without code

Build rules in minutes to flag harmful & AI generated content, spot bad actors, and take automated actions

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Empower trust & safety teams to react to new threats up to 75% faster
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Automate detection & action

for all sorts of bad behavior
AI Generated Content
Leverage detection models & behavioral insights to spot fake accounts & activity
Bots &
Block fake profiles, solicitations, and bot activities - and flag tougher cases for manual review
P2P Fraud
Fight romance scams, jobs-board scams, and the laundry list of other scams between users
Custom Risk Checkpoints
Custom rules to fight harassment, hate speech, and your top moderation priorities

Empower your trust and safety team with Sliderule

No-code rules engine, customized to fit your data
Build and test logic quickly, from drag-and-drop rules, decision tables, conditional branches, and more
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Flexible integrations to other trust & safety tools
Connect to vendors, your internal databases, and internal ML models with flexible data connectors
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Automate response actions when your rules go off
Trigger actions in your existing tools, block users in database tables, call APIs, Slack or Email your team, etc
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No-code Moderation

Write, test, and deploy new moderation rules in minutes

Say goodbye to multi-week waits to get updated rules into production, and blocking on engineering for every change

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Learn how to get set up with Sliderule in a day or less

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