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Build rules visually or direct-in-code, for seamless collaboration and cutting edge performance.
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Implementing a production rules engine takes time and resources away from your core product. Write performant production-ready rules with Sliderule's easy spreadsheet-like syntax that your whole team can use, regardless of coding ability.

Intuitive rules, flexible data model, true enterprise performance

Versatile rules for every usecase
Build if/then rules, decision trees, scorecards, and conditional branches. Trigger alerts, flag customers, and automatically run custom actions.
JSON Based Data Model
Anything you can express in JSON, you can write rules around. And you can return custom variables like scores, flags, and reason strings as well.
Flexible Data Connectors
Enrich rules at runtime with connectors to internal databases, external APIs, and your own ML Models.
Version Control & Approval Flows
Manage changes and collaborate safely, with testing & guardrails. Backtesting, shadow mode, partial roll-out, and more.
Manage Rule Lifecycle
Deploy rules outside the code pipeline. Monitor and disable rules when they no longer fit.
Realtime or Offline Triggers
Execute rules via API, or make offline decisions based on CSV inputs and scheduled SQL queries.

Built on a foundation that your engineering team can trust — so you can focus on building your own products instead of rules engine infrastructure.

Out of the box, Sliderule includes:
Automatically managed resources to ensure <70ms performance at scale.
Record keeping, customer profiles, and advanced analytics on rule performance.
Granular permissions for users and teams, and optional SSO integrations.
Audit trail for rule changes.

Rules Engines in the Modern Risk Stack

Don't settle for a mediocre all-in-one risk platform. Stay in control, with a custom stack built from best-in-class components.
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Self Hosting Option

Our hosted engine is SOC2 compliant, and regularly pen tested / audited for security.

For businesses with heightened security needs, we also offer a self-hosted version so no data ever leaves your environment.
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Sliderule’s self-hosting model is ahead of the curve. We were quickly and easily able to fold their terraform and helm charts into our normal infrastructure stack. It has set the bar for other 3rd party solutions looking to integrate with us.
David Chau
Engineering Team @ Varo Bank

Get started quickly

Call a single API to trigger your Sliderule workflows, then the engineering work is done! We’ll show you how to integrate Sliderule in a day!

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