Keep your marketplace safe, no code

Create automated rules to fight fraud & abuse, so your ops teams are never stuck waiting for engineering help

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Empower trust & safety teams to fight behavioral fraud across your platform with zero engineering or integration
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Automated fraud rules

for every customer checkpoint
Incentive & Promos
Keep your promos, referrals, and other incentives safe from bad actors
Collusion & Bad Actors
Flag suspicious behavior unique to your platform
Custom transaction flows, need custom risk rules
Custom Risk Checkpoints
One-off or ongoing monitoring to flag high-risk users

Get started with SQL

Build rules and automated actions around SQL queries, to get started quickly. Once you have engineering resources available, you can call the same rules via API.
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Protect your platform with Sliderule

No-code engine to empower trust and safety teams
Build custom credit logic quickly, from drag-and-drop rules, decision tables, conditional branches, and more
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Automate response actions when your rules go off
Connect to your existing tools, block users in database tables, call APIs, Slack or Email your team, etc
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Built-in analytics for continuous improvement
Easy backtesting, A/B tests, and performance monitoring to ensure your fraud rules always fit your business
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Monthly credit logic updates

We helped Clutch turn their monthly credit logic updates from a multi-week process, to mere minutes.

Read more about how Sliderule gives their CEO Nick superpowers

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