Build your risk program with Sliderule

Create decision rules from drag-and-drop components, enrich with data connectors, and evaluate performance with testing and analytics


React quickly to new threats, and build rule-based controls quickly. Customers are building fraud detection rules for

  • New accounts
  • Account takeover
  • Transactions
  • Fund Transfers


Onboard good customers quickly, screen out risky ones, and build ongoing monitoring flows that fit your business

  • Account opening (KYC)
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Ongoing account monitoring


Leverage data connectors, table rules, and scorecards to build risk scores and set limits

  • Lending flows
  • Credit card limits
  • BNPL features
  • Ongoing access


We can help anywhere you need to make automated data-driven risk decisions about your customers

  • Pricing
  • Feature gates
  • Transactions
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Monthly credit logic updates

We helped Clutch turn their monthly credit logic updates from a multi-week process, to mere minutes.

Read more about how Sliderule gives their CEO Nick superpowers

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